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LAVMICRO-U Lavalier Mic w/ USB-C Output, 6.6' Cable & USB Adapter

Was: $29.99
Now: $23.99
    The Saramonic LavMicro-U is a compact clip-on lavalier microphone with a USB-C connector that plugs directly into Android Mobile Devices, Computers, and iPads (iPad Pro or Air with USB-C). It also includes a USB-A adapter, allowing you to plug into computers with standard USB inputs. Ideal to capture high-quality sound for your videos and audio recordings on a multitude of devices. The 6.6-foot (2m) cable provides an ideal amount of length for popular audio and video applications techniques like handheld vlogging, personal interviews, virtual meetings, incognito audio capture, online classes, and numerous other applications where too much cable would get in the way. An Ideal Lavalier, That’s Easy-to-Use The LavMicro-U is an easy-to-use plug-and-play microphone, that’s perfect for capturing great sound for YouTube, Live Streaming, Interviews, Virtual Meetings, Vlogging, TikTok, Social Media, Online Classes, and so much more. Simply plug in the LavMicro-U to the USB-C or USB port of your mobile device or computer, open the video, audio recording, meeting or streaming app and start recording. *Ability to hear other participants on Phone Calls and in On-Line Meetings is Not Supported by Android or iOS when using a USB-C mic* Natural Vocal Sound with Freedom of Movement Optimized for spoken word, the LavMicro-U features an omnidirectional pickup pattern, which captures sound evenly in every direction. This means you don’t need to worry about the direction the mic is pointing in when you clip it to your clothing. It also makes it sound more natural when you turn your head while speaking. The LavMicro-U makes it easy to plug in a great sounding mic anytime, that allows you to move freely and express yourself with confidence and clarity. Everything You Need for Great Sound, with an Extra Windscreen & Mic Clip The included 2x alligator-style mic clips firmly hold the mic in place when attached to your shirt. 2x foam windscreens are also included, which diffuses distracting wind noise. A reusable cable strap keeps the wire tidy, and a lined storage pouch with a locking drawstring holds everything neatly when not in use or in transit. You get all the tools you need to capture excellent sound quality to your USB-C or USB device in any situation, even if you lose a windscreen or clip, with a package that fits in your pocket.